1 in 3 people in Somerset will need the suppport of St. Margaret's Hospice in their lifetime, and we need to raise £7.5million every year to continue to provide this vital care. Without your support, thousands of local people facing the challenge of a life-limiting illness would no longer receive the care they need, so please help us by raising as much sponsorship money as you can!

  • If you’ve already set up an online fundraising page, fantastic! If not, you can do so here. Once it’s set up, you just need to share it as much as possible – post it on your social media pages and email it to friends, family and work colleagues.
  • Download a sponsorship form for those who don’t want to donate online. Tape it to your desk at work with a pot for people to leave their money in and leave a tin of biscuits or jar of sweets next to it – guaranteed to entice people over!
  • Leave a collecting box in your local pub/shop/café/post office (with a sponsorship form so people can add Gift Aid) and put up a poster explaining what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Just contact [email protected] for a collecting tin.
  • Why not do a sweepstake on the time you’ll complete it in? Although the Bubble Rush is not a timed event, it’s easy to time yourself with a phone or watch. Ask people to donate £1 (or more if they’re feeling generous!) to bet on your time and then the winner gets half of the proceeds.
  • Why not hold a non-uniform day at work? To celebrate the fact you’re doing the Bubble Rush, you could ask people to wear as many different colours as possible in return for a donation. The best dressed could win a bottle of wine or box of chocolate.
  • Everyone always loves cake so you could hold a Time for Tea event! Order your very own Time for Tea fundraising pack here.
  • Get people to bid to make you do something ridiculous while taking part in the Bubble Rush – whether this is wearing your pants on your head, doing a 3-legged race with a colleague or wearing a chicken costume! The highest bidder gets to choose what you do and you have to provide them with photographic evidence if they’re not at the event!
  • Hold a party after the Bubble Rush! Celebrate your success with a BBQ or cocktail night and ask your friends for a donation to attend. If you’ve raised a sponsorship amount like £460, this is a great way to top up your total to the next 100.
  • Lots of companies now take part in Matched Giving where they will match the amount of fundraising an employee does for a charity (up to a pre-determined level), thereby doubling your total! Ask your employer about matched giving.

For any further information please email [email protected]!