Leave a lasting legacy

It’s very difficult to think about what will happen at the end of our lives. But when you’ve been told that you have a life-limiting illness, as our patients have, it can be all that you think about. You start to think about the care that you need, getting your affairs in order, and making the most of the precious time you have left with those who you love.

When things feel overwhelming, there are some practical things that you can take charge of, like making sure that your wishes are written down so your legacy is secure. And this applies to people at all stages of life, whether you’re getting married, becoming a parent, or thinking about what happens when you pass away.

We understand that you will no doubt want to look after your loved ones first, when planning what to include in your Will. But many people also choose to support the causes that are important to them as part of their legacy.

By leaving a gift in your Will to St Margaret’s, you are taking the time to care and help families across Somerset make every day count for years to come. Families like Caroline’s:

“St Margaret’s are not just here because I am dying. They are here for so much more.

They’ve enabled me to be at home with my family as much as I can, and have helped me face my reality. There’s no one else who could have given me and my family the time, support and care they’ve provided.

Will you choose to do something incredible too? A donation to St Margaret’s can change the life of someone like me in our community”

Leaving a gift to St Margaret’s, no matter the size, will ensure that we can continue to provide support for all those who need us. Whether you’re able to leave a specified sum, a percentage of your estate, or assets such as shares or jewellery, each gift will have a significant impact on the lives of our patients and their loved ones.

How your legacy could help

could pay for an hour's support to a family member at home with one of our patients from an Adviceline nurse.
could pay for a Specialist Community Nurse visit for one of our local patients being cared for at home or a sat nav so our nurses can travel safely to rural parts of the county.
could pay for 24 hours of In-patient care for a patient.
could pay for essential equipment needed by our Specialist Community Nurses when providing care and support in the community to keep them safe and connected.

Gifts left to registered charities are free from Inheritance Tax, so including St Margaret’s as a beneficiary in your Will could also help you and your family by reducing the amount of tax due on your estate.

At St Margaret’s Hospice we have no legal expertise and cannot give legal advice, so we always advise that you use a formal route (consulting with a solicitor and/or creating your will through Kwil) to ensure that your Will is valid and covers all legal formalities.

For executors and solicitors

We recognise that administrating an estate can be a long and difficult process so, if there is a gift to St Margaret’s in the Will that you are executing, we are very happy to assist you in the process. To find out more about the help we can offer, or to arrange for a gift to be paid to St Margaret’s from an estate, please contact our Legacy Team on 01823 365603 or by emailing legacy@st-margarets-hospice.org.uk.

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