Leave a lasting legacy

Your community, your charity, your legacy

By leaving a gift in your will to St Margaret’s you are choosing to help families across Somerset make every day count for years to come.

We often don’t want to think about what will happen in the future. But when you have been told you have a life-limiting illness, as our patients have, it can be all that you think about. You start to think about the care that you need, getting your affairs in order and making the most of the precious time you have left with those that you love.

When things feel overwhelming there are some things you can take charge of, such as asking for specialist hospice support to enable you to take back control of living (not dying). You can also look to put practical things in place, such as making sure that your wishes are written down, your will is in place and your ongoing legacy is secure. And that’s a security we can all have.

When writing your will, you will no doubt wish, first of all, to provide for those closest to you in your will. But many people also choose to support the causes that are important to them so that the impact of their will reaches even further.

At St Margaret’s Hospice Care we have no legal expertise and cannot give legal advice, so we always advise that that you consult a solicitor to ensure your will is valid and covers all legal formalities.

Information for executors and solicitors

We recognise that administrating an estate can be a long and difficult process and if the deceased has left a gift to St Margaret’s in the will you are executing we are very happy to assist you in the process. To find out more about the help we can offer, or to arrange for a gift to be paid to St Margaret’s from an estate, please contact Legacy Team, on 01823 365603 or by emailing legacy@st-margarets-hospice.org.uk

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