Spiritual Care

Spiritual care at St Margaret’s cares for each individual as a spiritual person. We care for the human spirit in every person as well as offering full support to those who express their spirituality through a faith or specific spiritual pathway. We support members of all religious faiths and followers of spiritual pathways, either through the ministry of the Spiritual Care team, or through liaising with leaders of other faiths and spiritual pathways.

Spiritual care is practised and offered by members of all our services, both clinical and non-clinical. Traditionally it has been at the heart of hospice care and today it underpins the work of the whole community of St Margaret’s Hospice Care.

Our team includes a dedicated group of spiritual care volunteers, led by the spiritual care coordinator. They are available to offer spiritual care both to those at home and to those on the In-patient Unit.

Special services can be arranged including Marriage, Baptism and Confirmation. The Spiritual Care Coordinator can be available to conduct funerals. 

Our sancturies and gardens at the Taunton and Yeovil sites are available to our patients and their families.  

We are grateful to our volunteers who help us provide this service, if you are interested in joining our team please see below.


If you would like information about any aspect of spiritual care at St Margaret’s,  or you would just like a chat, please don’t hesitate to contact Ann Fulton, Spiritual Care Coordinator via ann.fulton@st-margarets-hospice.org.uk or 07736 886142.

Community nursing team

"As a community nurse I offer spiritual care by simply listening."

"As I nurse I offer holistic care by exploring with the patient more than their physical symptoms. What matters to me is what matters to them."

In-patient Unit

"As a nurse on the In-patient Unit I offer spiritual care by treating each person as an individual within their family and network of friends, and by trying to provide care that meets their physical and psychological needs."

"As a nurse on the In-patient Unit I offer spiritual care by giving patients and their families the time and opportunity to express their fears and anxieties and I discuss with them ways in which we can help."

"As a nurse on the In-patient Unit I offer spiritual care by valuing the uniqueness of all our patients and seeking to go the extra mile to support each and every one in whatever way is more meaningful to them."

"As a nurse on the In-patient Unit I respect each patient as an individual and enable them to explore areas of their spirituality that are individual to them, giving them time to explain them to us so we are able to understand and work with them to achieve peace and calm at a difficult time in their lives."

Multidisciplinary team assistants (Community)

"As a multi-disciplinary team assistant I offer spiritual care by listening to the patient, ensuring I am empathic and never patronising, whilst offering a compassionat relationship when I can."

Healthcare Assistants (In-Patient Unit)

"As a healthcare assistant on the in-patient unit I offer spirtual care by providing a safe space for patients to talk about their worries and their hopes."

"As a healthcare assistant on the in-patient unit I offer spiritual care by talking to patients and relatives, through simple breathing exercises, and by giving them time to express how they feel."


"As a physiotherapist I support patients holistically by always remembering that I am there to support their priorities and not mine!  We always listen to what is important for the patient and frame our support in a way that actually matters to them."


"As a doctor I offer spiritual care by considering its role in every patient interaction."

"As a doctor I offer spiritual care by seeking to understand what makes the person unique; what makes them tick, what is important to them. This knowledge will steer the direction of the consultation and aim to address problems in a way that suits them, prioritising what matters most to that individual."

Carer Support

"Carer support offers spiritual care by understanding what matters most to carers."


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Spiritual care resources and activities

Love Hearts

Our handmade love hearts have been knitted to bring comfort.

Endings and Farewells

Emotional and spiritual support resources for friends and family


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Some words of appreciation received by the Spiritual care team:

Just wanted to say what a lifesaver it is having C ringing - she is such a thoughtful person and has really helped me think through various problems, and is a lovely person to talk to.

Sometimes, there are human encounters which have an import and significance beyond their obvious purpose. Your meeting with M, and with me, is one such. Somehow you met M, where he was, in a confusion of pain and fear and resignation and preparedness to die, but also still wanting to talk about art and curiously hopeful about life. He so valued your time with him.

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