Stretches for Cording

Axillary Web Syndrome or Cording is termed as cord-like structures that develop under the skin after surgery to remove lymph nodes in the armpit.

These cords often arise from the surgical site under the armpit and can extend as far down as the base of the thumb.

It is not yet proven why cording develops although it is thought to be caused by inflammation and scarring of the tissues that surround the lymph vessels, blood vessels and nerves.

You may be able to see or feel the cords when you lift your arm. They can cause tightness and discomfort which can limit how well you are able to move your arm and shoulder.

Your lymphoedema specialist can determine the extent of the cording and may have and advise for you on specific stretches to carry out at home.

The below video is an overview of these stretches. Please follow the advice in the video and also that given by your therapist.

Remember that you must never work into pain as this can worsen the symptoms you may experience.

If you do have any problems with any of the stretches please get in contact with the lymphoedema team for advice and support.

Before you take on any of the exercises below please ensure you have read our exercise disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Stretches for Cording Full Video - All Stretches

This video shows all the cording stretches. If you would like to pick a section to watch please choose from the below...

Introduction to Cording Stretches

Upper Arm Cording Stretches

Upper and Lower Arm Cording Stretches

Self-traction Stretches

Feldenkrais Stretches

Child's Pose Stretches

Seated Stretches for Upper Arm Cording

Seated Stretches for Upper and lower Arm Cording

Overhead Yoga Stretches

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