Anna's story

Last updated: Tuesday, 21st November 2023 

When Anna & Matt Page were told Matt had cancer after an emergency hospital admission at the end of 2022, it was a difficult time for them both.

But St Margaret’s stepped in quickly to support them and provided the couple with psychological support as they came to terms with Matt’s cancer diagnosis which Anna said helped them both immensely.

“I knew that when we needed it the hospice would be there to support us and our children through the scariest and hardest time of our lives," Anna said. "I honestly think Matt and I would have had a very different journey had it not been for St Margaret’s psychological support. It’s such a comfort to know I can call the Adviceline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and someone is there to help me no matter what the concern is.”

Anna and Matt were inspired by the support St Margaret’s gave to them and decided they wanted to take on a challenge to say thank you and to give something back to the hospice.

The couple signed up to take part in our exhilarating New Year’s Day Dip and Anna said it was ‘an amazing experience’ that they will never forget.

“Before the dip I felt tremendous excitement and trepidation as it was a cold winters day!” Anna explained. “We decided to go in our bathers rather than wear wetsuits, so we knew we were going to be cold, but the St Margaret’s team gave us these lovely warm bobble hats which were a god send on the day!

“We ran in with the crowd and the adrenaline was certainly pumping for us. It was very cold and did take our breath away but the feeling you get when you acclimatise to it is nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. All our senses were alive and pumping so much so we forgot how cold it was. I was sad when I had to get out. Everyone in the water was cheering to support anyone struggling to get in which helped to encourage everyone.

"When we got out of the water, we were freezing but the hospice’s amazing volunteers made us a lovely warm cup of tea straight away, it was the best cuppa we’ve ever had! The atmosphere at the dip was absolutely buzzing! People were there cheering everyone on, laughing at some of the funny things people were wearing and there was a lovely friendly vibe on the beach.

“Taking part in the dip was amazing and it’s something we definitely want to do again in the future. Everyone had great fun while taking on a challenge for an amazing cause, it was a beautiful way to start the New Year and I’d encourage others to take part in 2024.”

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