Huge £10,000 Weekly Prize Draw Won!

We are thrilled that our Weekly Prize Draw rollover jackpot of £10,000 has finally been won. The jackpot, which initially began at £250, has been rolling over for 40 weeks, steadily accumulating to this staggering prize. This is only the second time in 27 years of running the Weekly Prize Draw that the giveaway has reached £10,000.

Karen, from Shapwick near Glastonbury was the lucky winner and has been playing since 2017 with just one weekly ticket. She started playing the Weekly Prize Draw as a way to give back to the hospice after St Margaret’s cared for her late mother and her sister.

Speaking of her luck Karen said, “I can’t believe it. When I heard I’d won I thought maybe £50, and then when I got told I’d won the rollover prize, I thought it’s got to be £1,000 and when the woman on the phone said, ‘No it’s £10,000….’ I was like woah! It was a lovely shock!”

Karen was presented with her prize money at the Taunton Hospice on Heron Drive in Taunton on Friday 3 May by the hospice’s Director of Fundraising, Retail and Communications Joanna Hall.


Speaking about the difference the Weekly Prize Draw makes, Joanna said “Our players are part of a remarkable community of supporters, who are helping to provide a regular source of income for the hospice. With each ticket sold, our Weekly Prize Draw players are collectively able to make a meaningful and tangible impact on the lives of families across Somerset. It means we can continue providing essential care, compassion, and comfort to individuals and their loved ones, when it matters most.”

Our Weekly Prize Draw, held every Friday, offers participants an opportunity to support their local hospice while standing a chance to win one of 28 cash prizes each week. Among these prizes are guaranteed 1st and 2nd prizes of £1,000 and £500, respectively, along with the Rollover prize, which increases by £250 every week until it’s won or reaches the £10,000 mark when it is guaranteed to be won.

In the past 12 months over £400,000 of profit has been raised for St Margaret’s through the Weekly Prize Draw.  It's an incredible income for the hospice that would cover the cost of our 24/7 Advice Line for a year.

Participants eager to try their luck and contribute to raising money for the hospice can purchase tickets for just £1 at any St Margaret’s charity shop, and anyone wanting to become a weekly member of the prize draw can sign up via

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