Virtual Bucket Collection

Help us continue to be a lifeline to patients and their families across Somerset...

Over the last 40 years St Margaret’s volunteers have been seen working hard at bucket collections in your local shops, supermarkets and streets across the county. Unfortunately, this year, due to Coronavirus our buckets have remained empty!

Despite this our care and support for patients and families across Somerset has not wavered. The work of our clinical teams remains ongoing; our staff are visiting patients in your community, supporting families and caring 24/7 in our in-patient unit. Our 24-hour adviceline has increasingly become a ‘lifeline’ to our patients and families as face to face contact has not been possible.

Last year from bucket collections alone, your kindness and generosity raised over £8,000. So many of you support the hospice by donating your change whilst out and about. It is such an important part of our fundraising efforts and is being sorely missed this year. This is why we have created the ‘Virtual Bucket Collection’; perhaps you could donate the cost of a cup of coffee, or could you donate some of the money you’ve saved on lunch while working from home.

As it’s our 40th year, we are hoping to raise £4,000, which will start to bridge the gap from not being able to hold bucket collections. Whether its £2 or £20 your donation will help us continue to care for and support patients and their families across Somerset.

Please help spread our Virtual Bucket collection, tell your family and friends, and share via social media.

Elizabeth Yates, one of our longest serving volunteers tell us why its so important to support the campaign:


"I’ve been a volunteer for the hospice for well over 35 years, part of the original fundraising team that raised the money to build the Taunton hospice hub. I started to volunteer as I had witnessed the difference hospice care could make to patients and their families. After moving to Somerset, I wanted to ensure our community had the same opportunity for care and support my family had been privileged to experience in other parts of the country.


“I am proud to be part of an organisation that has embraced hospice care and over the last 40 years Somerset has benefitted from compassionate and patient centred care. I want to make sure that the hospice continues to be able to provide their services, helping over 4,900 people each year. Please give whatever you can to the Virtual Bucket Collection, even small change can make a big difference." 


Thank you!



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