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1 in 3 people in Somerset will need the support of St. Margaret's Hospice in their lifetime, and we need to raise £9.5million every year to continue to provide this vital care. That's why we're so grateful when someone chooses to take part in an event to raise money for us. Here's some of our top tips to help you raise as much sponsorship money as you can...

  • If you’ve already set up an online fundraising page, fantastic! If not, visit JustGiving or set up a fundraiser through Facebook, and choose St. Margaret's Somerset Hospice as your charity of choice. Once it’s set up, you just need to share it as much as possible – post it on your social media pages and email it to friends, family and work colleagues.


  • Download a sponsorship form for those who don’t want to donate online. Tape it to your desk at work with a pot for people to leave their money in and leave a tin of biscuits or jar of sweets next to it – guaranteed to entice people over!


  • Leave a collecting box in your local pub/shop/café/post office (with a sponsorship form so people can add Gift Aid) and put up a poster explaining what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Just contact for a collecting tin.


  • Why not do a sweepstake on the time you’ll complete your event in? Even if your event is not a timed event, it’s easy to time yourself with a phone or watch. Ask people to donate £1 (or more if they’re feeling generous!) to bet on your time and then the winner gets half of the proceeds.


  • Why not hold a non-uniform day at work? Tie the theme in with the event you are taking part in. The best dressed could win a bottle of wine or box of chocolates.


  • There are lots of easy ways you can fundraise at work - sponsored silences, fine boxes or guess the baby photos are all fun ways to get your office involved while raising money too.


  • Everyone always loves cake so a bake sale is always a winner. Why not makes things interesting and organise a Bake Off competition


  • Get people to bid to make you do something ridiculous while taking part in your event – whether this is wearing your pants on your head, doing a 3-legged race with a colleague or wearing a chicken costume! The highest bidder gets to choose what you do and you have to provide them with photographic evidence if they’re not at the event!


  • Hold a party after you've completed your event. Celebrate your success with a BBQ or cocktail night and ask your friends for a donation to attend. If you’ve raised a sponsorship amount like £460, this is a great way to top up your total to the next 100.


  • Lots of companies now take part in Matched Giving where they will match the amount of fundraising an employee does for a charity (up to a pre-determined level), thereby doubling your total. Ask your employer about matched giving.

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