Help your hospice from home

Social distancing doesn’t mean your fundraising efforts have to come to an end. Here are a few ideas to inspire your fundraising during the next few weeks and months - support your hospice by helping from home.

Birthday or Anniversary Donations

Is it your Birthday or Anniversary soon? Ask your friends and family to send you a donation instead of a card or present.

Facebook will ask you if you want to set up a Birthday Fundraiser a few days before your birthday, just choose St Margaret’s Hospice Care. Or if anyone would like to donate in your name they can head straight to our website to donate adding the reason in the 'Leave a comment with your donation' box.


Set yourself a Virtual ChallengeVirtual Challenge St Margaret's Hospice Care

Our Virtual Challenge is a way for you to improve your health, challenge yourself and raise sponsorship for St Margaret’s throughout 2020. You could even earn yourself a limited edition Virtual Challenge medal if you raise more than £40. To join the Virtual Challenge team click here.

Host a virtual auction on Facebook live

You can download auction software for online bidding or you can livestream your auction on social media.

Netflix party

A new way to watch Netflix with your friends! Netflix has a new feature which allows you to host long distance movie nights and TV watch parties. It synchronizes video playback and creates a group chat so you can still crack out the popcorn and have that movie marathon with your friends without any of you leaving your sofa. Ask people to donate if you complete that epic set of movies or if you would like to take part.

G&T Party

Online Tea or Gin party

Why not make your Great Somerset G&T Party a virtual one this year? You could run an online baking or Gin making class, play party games over a video call or have a catch up via a phone or video call whilst sipping on tea or a gin (or two!). If you would like to order a free Great Somerset G&T Party fundraising pack please contact our email our Fundraising Team.

Quiz and Raffle

Host an online pub quiz and a virtual raffle. Just because you can’t get to the pub doesn’t mean you can’t take part in a good old quiz. A simple search will help you find plenty of free quiz or raffle hosting sites online. Set strict rules on not Googling the answers!


Give online classes in something you are good at e.g. photography, cookery, Zumba, Pilates, and computers.

Give a gift

Use your creativity; why not write poems, songs, craft something or draw portraits to raise money.


Find someone else who is willing to donate their services for an evening to host an online tutorial. For example, a beauty therapist could host a live make-up tutorial, a baker could show people how to decorate cupcakes.

Virtual Treasure hunt

Plan a virtual route. Give out directions at the start as cryptic clues that must be solved using Google Maps in order to find the next location. People pay to play, and the winner is first to finish. Be creative! Your clues can be all over the world.

For example, start in London - Clue 1: Let’s get started, keep an eye on the time. I’m the subject of a nursery rhyme. Answer: London Bridge. Clue 2: From this bridge you will find, this majestic ship that’s not Drake’s Hinde. Answer: HMS Belfast. Clue 3: A doomed ship started life here but where was it supposed to end up? Answer: The Titanic’s destination was New York. Etc.


Traditional fundraisers always drum up fantastic support. Some of them would be great to livestream so your friends and family can see what activities you’re taking on to raise funds. Here’s some ideas:

Ruby Sunflowers

  • Head shave
  • Leg/chest wax
  • Reading challenge- - 20 books in a month
  • Fitness challenge
  • Silence
  • Grow the tallest sunflower in Ruby Sunflower activities

Food and Drink

Lunch/coffee/night out money

Missing out on your coffee and catch up’s, a lunch date or a special night out? Why not donate what you would normally have spent.

Commuter and lunch costs

While you’re saving money on your daily commute and lunches, why not donate the money you would be spending on petrol and food?

Master Chef or Bake-Off challenge

Ask friends or family members to all use a set selection of the same ingredients and come up with the most delicious looking dish or cake. Ask them to donate to your fundraiser and tempt them in by offering a prize for the best creation!

Chores for cash

Challenge your children to raise money by completing tasks like cooking, washing up and tidying their rooms, with prizes for meeting their goals!

Spread the word - sharing your fundraising

Your online fundraising page

There are plenty of places you can create your online fundraising page, offering an easy way for friends and family to sponsor you. They are also a handy way for you to update your supporters with your fundraising and training progress.

Our recommended fundraising platforms:

JustGiving Facebook Fundraisers Virgin Money Giving

Get (virtually) social

Social media is more important than ever for reaching out to people who may support you while you are saving lives by practicing social distancing. Definitely share your online fundraising page on your FacebookInstagram or Twitter, in WhatsApp groups and just everywhere! Why not try out Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Instagram stories and more to spread the word to get your message out there and share your fundraising plans.

Use #helpingfromhome and #stmargaretshospice - don't forget to tag us in too!

Local groups

Organisations such as local youth clubs, Women’s Institutes, Rotary Clubs, and Lions Clubs often are keen to help individuals raising sponsorship money. Many have online groups so pop them a message and  drum up support during this time of social distancing. In return, offer  to give a short talk at their next meeting (once things have gone back to normal!) –show them who benefited from their support and how they could take part next time.

Contact the press!

Press releases to local newspapers are a great way to promote  your fundraising efforts and create more interest from local individuals and businesses that may be willing to donate prizes or to sponsor you. Get a photo in there too; if your company has agreed to sponsor you hold a banner or wear a t-shirt or show something with the company’s logo.

Approach your local radio station about giving you some airtime. They could interview you to chat about your challenge: a before and after story would be a really good idea and may create local interest.

A feature in a local newsletter is also a great way to raise support in your community – have a look on the inside cover for details on who to contact.

Paying in your donations

We've made it as easy as possible for you get your donations to us so we can put them straight to good use. Click here to find out how to pay in your donations in here.

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